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Violin (Alien) Mantis

Violin (Alien) MantisThis has to be one of the most strange and bizarre looking Mantis there is! This Mantis is from India and is also known as the Wandering Violin Mantis or Devil Mantis. They like very warm temperatures. This mantis is communal, meaning they will live in a group unlike most all other Mantis types. Their unique shape makes it one of the most interesting mantids, with the elongated neck creating an unusual look. This is where the name Violin Mantis originated. If you look closely you can see a horn on their head which is why they are also called a ‘Devil Mantis’. Leafy projections on the head and legs give a similar appearance to a leafy branch. Instead of hunting, they prefer to sit on a branch and wait for a flying insect to come along, which they will catch and eat.


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