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Giant Millipede

Giant MillipedeDesert Millipedes are one the few giant millipedes that come from the desert instead of the tropics. These docile, large millipedes are from North America. They come many different colors, from dark brown to a bright orange, or a glossy tan to yellow and black stripes! Desert Millipedes come out in swarms during the summer, after heavy desert rains. In the wild they eat dead leaf material, but here they are happy to eat romaine lettuce, apples, cucumbers, and other fruits and vegetables. When disturbed, the millipede may curl into a coil. They do not bite. These millipedes can live for 10 or more years! They have lots of legs - 2 pairs of legs on each segment.

Is a millipede an Insect? No. Remember an insect has 6 legs. Look closely – a millipede has up to 197 legs!


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