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a beetle


a beetle


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a morpho butterfly

Our LIVE Reptiles

These are actual images of reptiles who have lived in the Reptile Zone at the Bremerton Bug and Reptile Museum. Visit us to see our LIVE REPTILES up close and learn fun facts about them. Click on the image to see a larger image.

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The Free Bremerton Bug Museum has just gotten more fun and educational! We’ve opened the Reptile Zone! This is also FREE to explore, just like the Bug Museum. See fascinating LIVE reptiles from around the world UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL and learn about them. Meet pythons, tortoises, and Blueper the 2-foot long Blue Tongue skink! See elephant-nosed turtles, citrus dragons, spotted lizards, tree frogs and other reptiles you have to see to believe.

Stella the 9 foot Burmese Python
Angela the Rainbow Boa
Trixie the baby Leopard Tortoise
Bonnie the Uromastyx (f)
Mojo the Oustalet's chameleon
Blueper the Blue Tongue skink
Blueper the Blue Tongue skink
Erekose the Sinaloan Milksnake
Child with Reptile
Boss Hogg the Peters Skink


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