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Emperor Scorpion

Emperor ScorpionThe Emperor Scorpion is the largest type of scorpion on earth! They are found in the tropical forests and savannas of Africa. Commonly thought to be insects, scorpions are actually in the same family as spiders, ticks and mites. They eat mainly insects but will also eat baby lizards or mice. All scorpions have poor eyesight, so instead they use sensory hairs on their body to detect air and ground vibrations as a way to ‘see.’ These scorpions are docile in captivity though if alarmed they can pinch. The sting is described as similar to a bee sting and the venom is not usually dangerous to humans unless they are allergic. Like all scorpions, Emperor Scorpions glow a greenish blue under black (UV) lights- and scientists still don’t know why. The Emperor Scorpion bears it’s young live. Mother scorpions take care of their babies and will sometimes continue to feed them even after they are old enough to live on their own.

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