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Indian Walking Stick

Indian Walking StickThese insects can reach 4 inches long and can live up to a year. Indian walking stick insects can reproduce without a male! This is called ‘parthenogenic’ and the babies are little clones of the female. These insects rely on camouflage (looking like something else) as a defense. They have the ability to fold up their legs and REALLY look like sticks or twigs. Stick insects seem marvelously adapted to eating bramble (blackberry bushes). They can remain nearly motionless for hours on end during the day, or alternatively adopt a swaying motion, imitating a twig in a breeze. They often are very good at feigning death when attacked, dropping to the ground and becoming virtually invisible. Stick insects do not eat continuously, but take “meals” during the day and night. Indian sticks are usually a green or brownish green. They are very tame and do not bite, sting, or do anything unpleasant when you hold them.

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