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Group Field-Trips to the Bug Museum

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The Bug Museum offers a discounted rate to school groups and other community groups interested in our Touch-a-Bug Workshop.

Group Fee:

1) We go to your classroom: $150, up to 30 students
2) You come to our classroom $100, up to 20 students

This fun, educational and hands-on tour is for people of all ages. Learn about the importance, beauty and diversity of these special and amazing insects. We help a lot of people overcome their fears about these misunderstood creatures in a fun and interesting way. This casual, small-group program ensures that everyone hears and sees it all – and touches a bug (if they want).

To come to OUR classroom is $100 and you can bring up to 23 people including adults. For us to travel to YOUR classroom is $150 and we can visit with up to 35 children. The class offers lots of hands-on interaction and photo opportunities so have your camera! A picture of the teacher holding a millipede is one for the class scrapbook! Every child will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ so they can be proud of their accomplishment!

Group field-trips typically last about 45 minutes and includes:

Your Bug Expert will present several LIVE insects:

Children are allowed to hold many of these insects. None of the insects at the presentation sting, bite, or transmit disease. All insects have been reared inside a lab, so they are clean. We do have hand sanitizer at the exit of the museum.

Group Field-Trip Restrictions:

No more than 20 children per group. (Note: Our small class size means ALL the children will have an opportunity to participate and to be reassured about holding insects. It also helps minimize the chances of any critters being mishandled.)

We custom gear our classes for different age ranges, starting with 3 year olds. When you sign up you will be given a chance to tell us the age range of your group.

Payment must be paid in advance. A $30 fee applies to "no-shows" and late cancellation. Group workshops can be booked 10:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday-Friday. The tour is 45min long (plus extra if shopping is desired). Parking is available for busses across from our neighbor’s building Cliffs Cycle in the 2 hour parking area. Please drop children off across from our building and escort them though our parking lot to the front door before parking.

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