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We attended the 2:00 workshop and LOVED it!  I am recommending it to ALL my friends with kids. :)
- Tish V.

I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the workshop. My daughter and husband loved it!! In fact so much so she now wants a hissing cockroach as a pet lol.
-N. Bolin

a beetle


a grasshopper



a morpho butterfly



a beetle


a grasshopper



Touch-a-Bug Workshops

Coming Soon

$10 per child, parents come for free!

Fun and Educational! Kids won’t even realize how much they are learning.

This fun, educational and hands-on tour is for people of all ages. Learn about the importance, beauty and diversity of these special and amazing insects. We help a lot of people overcome their fears about these misunderstood creatures in a fun and interesting way. This casual, small-group program ensures that everyone hears and sees it all – and touches a bug (if they want).

Workshops typically last about 45 minutes and includes:

Your Bug Expert will present several LIVE insects:

Children are allowed to hold many of these insects. None of the insects at the presentation sting, bite, or transmit disease. All insects have been reared inside a lab, so they are clean. We do have hand sanitizer at the exit of the museum.

Mantis Shaking Hands

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